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Starting the day with Cambridge

We were ready bright and early today to sing for our friends at the Cambridge Day Program. They are so sweet, and so appreciative of the fact that we do a 7:15am show for them to make the time difference work.

Today's setlist included...

1. Do Re Mi

2. Everyday

3. You Are My Sunshine

4. Stand By Me

5. It's A Small World

6. Loch Lomond

7. Hallelujah

8. Be My Baby

9. My Bonnie

10. Edelweiss

11. Mamma Mia

We have been making a mental note of which songs are their favorites, and will be creating a special setlist for them for next week. We'll be performing for the Sunnyside Foundation's Walk and Roll charity event, with which the Cambridge Day Program is affiliated. We'll get to perform for the Cambridge Day Program, plus a couple of other audiences. We're looking forward to that!

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