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We can't stop smiling!

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

It was another fun day with our friends from Sunnyside in Kitchener, Canada! Today, we had a sweet audience with Mr. Daniel, Ms. Ella, and Ms. Magda! We loved seeing their smiling faces as soon as we joined the Zoom call. This was our first time meeting Ms. Ella and Ms. Magda, and we learned that (like Mr. Daniel) Ms. Ella is from Scotland too! We just knew she would enjoy our set list too.

We had put together a fun set list for today that included some songs we'd played for Sunnyside in the past, plus a special request from the last week. Here is our set list from today's show...

1. Rumba

2. Loch Lomond

3. Morning has Broken

4. Shenandoah

5. Danny Boy

6. Daisy Bell

7. You Are My Sunshine

8. Stand By Me

9. Be My Baby

10. Yellow Submarine

11. It's A Small World

They were all singing along and clapping as we sang, which made us very happy. We loved it! Both Mr. Daniel and Ms. Ella were especially fond of the Scottish songs that were included in our set list. Ms. Magda requested My Bonnie for next week, and since we were familiar with that song, we sang a little bit for her right then. She looked happy to hear it, and we told her that we'd work on perfecting it for next week's show! As soon as the Zoom call ended, we got to work on My Bonnie so that we can perform it for Ms. Magda the next time we see her! We look forward to our next virtual visit with Sunnyside!

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