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The Walk and Roll Fundraiser

Today we performed for a very special event! We performed for the Sunnyside Foundation's Walk and Roll Charity Event! It was a virtual event attended by the Cambridge Day Program, the Kitchener Day Program (a new audience for us), and Sunnyside. It was so nice to be able to do what we love (performing and singing) for such a good cause! It was so cool having such a big audience who were clapping and cheering often!

We put together a special playlist of fun songs for this event. Here are the songs we sang...

1. Daisy Bell

2. Hallelujah

3. Stand By Me

4. Everyday

5. Edelweiss

6. Side By Side

7. Mamma Mia

8. Sweet Caroline

9. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon

10. Be My Baby

11. La Bamba

We had so much fun today and we hope to do other special events like this one again!

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