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Goodnight Irene

Today we had another energetic audience at the Cambridge Day Program! Last time we performed for them, they had a couple of requests for us. One was a song called Goodnight Irene, and the other was a song called Side By Side. Goodnight Irene is a song that they sing in their program during their music circle, and they thought we could do a nice rendition of it. We were really proud to hear that and enjoyed performing it for them today!

The other songs we sang for them today were...

1. Morning Has Broken

2. Shenandoah

3. Danny Boy

4. Side By Side

5. Daisy Bell

6. You Are My Sunshine

7. Goodnight Irene

8. Stand By Me

9. Be My Baby

10. Yellow Submarine

11. It's A Small World

We feel like we've become old friends with the folks at the Cambridge Day Program, and we can't wait to see them again!

#communityinvolvement #seniorcitizens #theloveofmusic #cambridge #psw #showtunes

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