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Bringing happiness to Sunnyside

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

We were happy to be performing again for Sunnyside in Kitchener, Canada. We were of course, excited to see Mr. Daniel again, and today we also met another resident named Ms. Audrey. They both looked happy and ready to enjoy the show with us.

Here is the set list from today's show..

1. Skye Boat

2. Sweet Caroline

3. Rumba

4. Danny Boy

5. Mamma Mia

6. Que Sera Sera

7. La Bamba

8. Stand By Me

9. It's A Small World

10. Do Re Mi

11. Loch Lomond

Last week, we asked Mr. Daniel if he had any special song requests for us. From his request list, we included Danny Boy and Loch Lomond for this week's show. We learned last time that Mr. Daniel was from Scotland, and so we decided to add in a special surprise song for him called Skye Boat. We read that it is a popular Scottish song, and we thought Mr. Daniel might enjoy the surprise. He seemed to enjoy the song a lot! The best part about singing songs for people is seeing their reactions to the music. We loved seeing Mr. Daniel and Ms. Audrey enjoying our music. We were thrilled to see them singing along with us. By the end of the show, our cheeks were sore from smiling so much! At the end of each show, we make it a point to ask if the residents have any song requests for the next week. This time, Ms. Audrey requested Morning Has Broken. We look forward to perfecting this one for her! We can't wait to see our Sunnyside friends again next week!

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