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A surprise at the end of the show!

Today we performed at Sunnyside in Kitchener, Canada. We started the show with our friends Miss Ella and Miss Magda in our screen. The caretaker told us that a few more friends might join, but for us to get started. We had a great show, with the ladies moving and singing along to our songs! At the end, the caretaker panned the ipad around, and we saw that we were in fact playing for a group of about 10! It was such a nice surprise, and we were glad that everyone could be there to enjoy our show.

Here is a cute photo of our friends...

Here are the songs we played that had them dancing and singing along...

1. By The Light Of the Silvery Moon

2. It's A Small World

3. You Are My Sunshine

4. The Lion Sleeps Tonight

5. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

6. Que Sera Sera

7. Stand By Me

8. Everyday

9. Morning Has Broken

10. Edelweiss

11. Be My Baby

We heard the caretaker tell Miss Ella that we were singing her favorite song when we began Edelweiss. It sure is a pretty and popular song! We love when we play a song and find out that it's someone's favorite!

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