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War Time Songs

In school, we have been learning about protest songs during the Vietnam war, and it got us thinking about war time music in general. Music got people through some difficult times during the war and allowed them to express the sadness, frustrations and other emotions felt during a time of war. This week, our setlist included Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree, which was performed by Glenn Miller in 1942, and then later on again by The Andrews Sisters. It was made famous during World War II, and the lyrics are about two lovers who vow to stay faithful to each other while one is away at war. This song was one of the first requested songs back in 2020 when we started singing for the Day Program. We continue to include it in our setlists from time to time still as it seems to be a popular one and a favorite of our audiences! Here is a clip of us singing it this morning:

Here is the full setlist from the show:

  1. Don't Go Breaking My Heart

  2. Wonderful World

  3. Don't Go Sitting Under The Apple Tree

  4. Skye Boat

  5. Hooked On A Feeling

  6. It's A Small World

  7. Turn, Turn, Turn

  8. Do Re Mi

  9. Oh! Susanna

  10. I Walk The Line

  11. The Tide Is High

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