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Tunes on Tuesdays

It was another fun morning as we performed for our Day Program friends. We love singing for such a great crowd. While not all of our audience can express in words how much they enjoy music, we certainly can see it through toe tapping, and clapping, and even some dancing! We try to take the time to find songs that were popular in their younger days, and that might bring some joy and bring back some happy memories. It's amazing how humans connect to music in such a positive way!

Here is the full setlist from the show:

  1. Good Night Irene

  2. Hallelujah

  3. I Fall To Pieces

  4. Here Comes The Sun

  5. Top Of The World

  6. You Are My Sunshine

  7. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

  8. Tip Toe Through The Tulips

  9. My Favorite Things

  10. Everyday

  11. Over The Rainbow

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1 Comment

😝Great Job done early morning.

Thank you for sharing your lovely voice and cheering us old folks.

Love Grandpa

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