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Trying out a new set list

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Today we saw our friends from Sunnyside again! We love performing for this group, and today we enjoyed performing for Ms. Audrey and Ms. Magda. Today we tried out some new songs.

Today's set list included...

1. Sweet Caroline

2. Daisy Bell

3. My Bonnie

4. Skye Boat

5. Que Sera Sera

6. Danny Boy

7. Three Little Birds

8. Do Re Mi

9. Over The Rainbow

10. Edelweiss

11. La Bamba

My Bonnie was a special request from this group from last week, so we were particularly excited to sing that one for them. We introduced Three Little Birds and Edelweiss as some new songs for this week's show. From the looks of it, it seems like they enjoyed it. We'll be seeing our Sunnyside friends again next week!

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