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Time Changes

This morning, we enjoyed another show with our Day Program friends. We moved our clocks ahead this past weekend, and now our 7am shows start out in the dark. It sure makes it more difficult to get started, but these sweet audience members sure bring the sunshine and smiles and positive energy we need to get our day started! With the time change comes the fact that Spring is almost here! We look forward to changing up our setlist to include more spring and summery songs. Stay tuned to see what we add!

Here is the full setlist from the show:

  1. No Matter What

  2. Poor Little Fool

  3. I'm Into Something Good

  4. Have You Ever Seen The Rain

  5. Oh What A Night

  6. My Girl

  7. Do Wah Diddy

  8. Surfin' USA

  9. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

  10. I Only Want To Be With You

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