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Our biggest audience yet!

We were back (virtually) at University Gates today, and were excited to see that they were able to connect six 'neighborhoods' in the facility to our show! We've never played for so many people. We were a bit nervous, but excited too. We stuck with a set list that had a nice mix of fast and slow songs, as well as a pure guitar piece, and an a capella song.

Today we performed...

1. It's A Small World

2. You Are My Sunshine

3. Do Re Mi

4. Yellow Submarine

5. Mamma Mia

6. Sweet Caroline

7. Que Sera Sera

8. Rumba

9. Shenandoah

10. Over The Rainbow

11. La Bamba

The half hour flew by, and we were happy to see many of the residents clapping and moving to the music. The nicest thing happened at the end of the show. We saw a few of the residents holding a very sweet Thank You sign for us!

The smiles on the faces of the audience is what makes us want to keep doing these shows, and that beautiful sign was like icing on the cake! We are already looking forward to seeing our friends from Univeristy Gates next week!

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