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Our 10th show!

Today was our tenth show, and we got to celebrate by performing for the Cambridge Day Program! A few people in the audience had tambourines in their hands and were playing them while we were performing. It felt like they were a part of the band, which made us glad that they were enjoying our songs!

Here are the songs we performed today...

1. Skye Boat

2. Everyday

3. Rumba

4. Danny Boy

5. Mamma Mia

6. Que Sera Sera

7. La Bamba

8. Stand By Me

9. It's A Small World

10. Hallelujah

11. Loch Lomond

Last time we played for the Cambridge Day Program, we got two song requests. One was from an attendee named Mr. Gord, and he requested Hallelujah. The other request was for Everyday by Buddy Holly, and this request came from one of the caretakers. We learned and practiced those songs so we were able to play them at today’s show. They were very excited to hear us play the songs they chose! It's the best feeling to honor the song requests for our audiences!

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1 Comment

Great Show !

It is good deed you are doing and making so many people happy during this pandemic times.

Keep up the great charity work and God Bless you all

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