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No Matter What

We had a great show this morning! Everyone was engaged and tapping and clapping along to our songs. We introduced a new setlist this week, and one of the songs on it is No Matter What. The song was released by a band called Badfinger in 1970. We were drawn to the song because it sounded very much like the kind of music made by The Beatles. We found out that The Beatles actually signed Badfinger to their record label, and even produced and helped write some of their music. We guess that's why Bandfinger's music has such a similar sound and vibe to the music of The Beatles. We had fun learning and playing this song for our Day Program friends. We hope you enjoy this little clip of us singing it this morning:

Here is the full setlist from the show:

  1. No Matter What

  2. Poor Little Fool

  3. I'm Into Something Good

  4. Have You Ever Seen The Rain

  5. Oh What A Night

  6. My Girl

  7. Do Wah Diddy

  8. Surfin' USA

  9. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

  10. I Only Want To Be With You

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