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Moving To The Music

We always love seeing our audience getting into the music. It motivates us to keep bringing the energy to our songs. Today we saw one gentleman gently dancing to several of our songs, and it made us happy to see. It just reinforces for us how important music is to the well-being of these sweet seniors, especially those that suffer from memory loss issues.

Here is a video clip of us singing during this morning's show, and here is the full setlist from the show:

  1. It's A Small World

  2. Do Re Mi

  3. Yellow Submarine

  4. All You Have To Do Is Dream

  5. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  6. Be My Baby

  7. Daisy Bell

  8. Edelweiss

  9. Have You Ever Seen The Rain

  10. Don't Fence Me In

  11. La Bamba

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1 Comment

WOW ...its been long time since we have seen you wonderful three singing beautiful music to cheer us old folks. Love you guys......


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