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Iconic Songs

There are just some songs that truly iconic, right? We are slowly learning this as we choose songs for our shows. We are teenagers, so obviously we were not around when all of the songs we sing were popular hits and new releases. However, these days we are hearing so many of those same songs on TV shows and ads, and in movies, and even on TikTok! It's kind of nice to see that so many songs are just iconic and will always be popular and recognizable. One of those songs is Sweet Caroline. We sang it this morning, and we know that this is a classic song that stands the test of time. It can always get a crowd singing along, and this morning was no exception. We saw so many people clapping and tapping their feet to the beat. We love seeing this side of music too, and will continue to search for songs like this to add to our setlists! Here is a clip of us singing Sweet Caroline from this morning's show:

Here is the full setlist from the show:

  1. Build Me Up, Buttercup

  2. Yellow Submarine

  3. Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

  4. Daisy Bell

  5. A Bushel And A Peck

  6. Sweet Caroline

  7. I Fall To Pieces

  8. (What A) Wonderful World

  9. Kokomo

  10. You Got It

  11. My Favorite Things

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