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When we sing together, we get to sing songs that have lots of great harmony. The harmony just adds so much to a song. Our three voices work well for it too since we all sing is slightly different vocal ranges. Adding in almost a 'fourth harmony' of the guitar really bumps it up to another level! Here is a clip of us singing On Top Of The World from this morning's show. See if you can hear the harmony in it!

Here is the full setlist from the show:

  1. Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree

  2. Side By Side

  3. On Top Of The World

  4. Tip Toe Through The Tulips

  5. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

  6. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  7. Take Me Home, Country Roads

  8. I'm Into Something Good

  9. Good Night Irene

  10. Do A Deer

  11. I Want To Hold Your Hand

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