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Friday Morning With Friends

We enjoyed our time this morning during our show for our Day Program friends. We love seeing the reactions from the folks in the audience, and seeing which songs bring them the biggest smiles. We're sure those smiles are a result of the good memories they associate with the song. This is why we do what we do. We love that music can be such a strong and wonderful connection to the best memories of our lives. We look forward to next week when we introduce a new song! In the meantime, here's a clip of us singing Everyday this morning:

Here is the full setlist from the show:

  1. Everyday

  2. Stand By Me

  3. Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree

  4. Surfin' USA

  5. Groovy Kind Of Love

  6. Favorite Things

  7. Hallelujah

  8. Goodnight, Irene

  9. L.O.V.E.

  10. Daisy Bell

  11. Oh What A Night

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1 comentario

Like your pink outfit.

Thank you for keeping us happy


Grandpa 😝

Me gusta
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