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Friday Fun

This morning we had two locations of the Day Program in the audience. It's always fun to sing for a larger group of senior citizens. Same as for most people, Fridays always feel lighter and brighter, and the music today made that feeling even more pronounced. We sang lots of great classics. We introduced a new song called House Of The Rising Sun. It's a moody, strong song, and is kind of different than the usual upbeat songs we sing. It's a classic though, and is a pretty song to listen to, so we hope our audiences enjoyed it. We also kept some fun, fast tempo songs in the list, including Brown Eyed Girl. Here's a little clip of us performing it this morning:

Here is the full setlist from the show:

  1. Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

  2. Imagine

  3. Be My Baby

  4. Brown Eyed Girl

  5. Do A Deer

  6. House Of The Rising Sun

  7. Love Me Tender

  8. Yellow Submarine

  9. I Want To Hold Your Hand

  10. Skye Boat

  11. I Fall To Pieces

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I also enjoyed the song "HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN" which had nice lyrics!

Thank you, folks, for entertaining us during the winter time. Love you guys 😍


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