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First Day Of School

Today is our first day back at school! We're headed into our Sophomore and Senior years. We started the day off perfectly with a show for our sweet friends at the Day Program. We're so grateful that even though there's a time difference between us and our Day Program locations, and even though we have school, we are able to make these shows work for all of our schedules. It's like it was meant to be! We worked on a new song for this week. Stay tuned to hear a little snippet of it later in the week.

Here is the full setlist from the show:

  1. Over The Rainbow

  2. Daisy Bell

  3. La Bamba

  4. Love Me Tender

  5. Morrison's Jig

  6. Imagine

  7. My Bonnie

  8. Skye Boat

  9. Side By Side

  10. Oh What A Night

  11. Edelweiss

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1 Kommentar

1st day at School must be exiting for You three!

And Thank you taking time to entertain us. Love

Grandma 🌷

Gefällt mir
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