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Exploring Country Music

For this Wednesday morning's show, we performed a new song called ‘I Fall to Pieces’ by Patsy Cline. While learning this song, we discovered that Patsy actually hated the song and had no interest in recording it. Interesting fact, considering how popular the song became! This song was requested by one of our friends at the Cambridge Day Program at the end of last Friday’s show, and it was a fun one to learn, especially since we are trying to learn new genres of music. This is the set list from our show today:

  1. Do Re Mi

  2. I Fall to Pieces

  3. My Favorite Things

  4. Skye Boat

  5. Hallelujah

  6. Tip Toe Through the Tulips

  7. Daisy Bell

  8. Goodnight Irene

  9. Stand By Me

  10. Side by Side

  11. La Bamba

Here's a video clip of us singing I Fall To Pieces:

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