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Dancing To The Tunes

We enjoyed another great show this morning. It was a gray May day here, but a bright, sunny and warm start to the day in Cambridge and Waterloo! Our audience was drumming along, and we saw lots of dancing today too! Almost everyone was on their feet moving to the music. This is the best part of what we do. We know our audience enjoys hearing our music, but when they get up and dance, it takes that joy up to a whole different level for us. We can't wait to see our friends again later in the week.

Here is the full setlist from the show:

  1. Bushel And A Peck

  2. Goodnight, Irene

  3. Stand By Me

  4. Be My Baby

  5. Build Me Up Buttercup

  6. My Girl

  7. I Want To Hold Your Hand

  8. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

  9. Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

  10. Everyday

  11. My Favorite Things

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1 commentaire

Thank you for taking your time on Memorial Day to entertain us old folks 😆

Enjoyed listening to your music and loved it.

Grandpa 😛

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