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Dancing Along

We love seeing any kind of positivity coming from our shows for our Day Program friends, but the best thing to see is when the attendees feel like dancing to our music! We love watching them get up when the song starts, and sometimes grabbing a partner, and starting moving to the music. It makes us so happy! We see all kinds of good reactions though, including clapping along, air drumming, and tapping feet. We also love seeing the attendees singing along and remembering so many of the words! The audience is usually on mute, so we can't hear them singing, but we see the mouths moving along and we love it!

Here is the full setlist from the show:

  1. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

  2. Imagine

  3. Tie A Yellow Ribbon

  4. Yellow Submarine

  5. In My Life

  6. Here Comes The Sun

  7. Hallelujah

  8. Yesterday

  9. I Want To Hold Your Hand

  10. I Fall To Pieces

  11. Top Of The World

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