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A new venue today

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Today was our first performance at the Cambridge Day Program in Cambridge, Canada! It's fun to perform for a brand new audience, and make some new friends! We came up with a set list that had lots of variety so that we could get an idea of what types of music this group preferred. We think they enjoyed the show, and we sure enjoyed meeting some new friends!

Today we performed...

1. It's A Small World

2. You Are My Sunshine

3. Do Re Mi

4. Yellow Submarine

5. Mamma Mia

6. Sweet Caroline

7. Que Sera Sera

8. Rumba

9. Shenandoah

10. Over The Rainbow

11. La Bamba

We look foward to getting to know this audience, and learning what their favorite songs are! We asked if there were any special requests for next week, and a gentleman named Gord requested Hallelujah for next week. We had another special request from one of the program coordinators for any Buddy Holly song. Through these great requests, we're certainly learning a lot of older (but amazing) music! We look foward to working on these songs in preparation for our show with this group next week!

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