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A Special Treat Today

We have been playing for the Cambridge Day Program for many weeks now, and we love it! The Kitchener Day Program and Waterloo Day Program are all run by the same facility, and today we had all three in our audience. Our grandfather attends the Waterloo Day Program and got to watch us perform! It was such a lovely treat! The audience was great, as always!

We played two new songs that the Cambridge Day Program requested. They were 'Country Road Take Me Home' and 'Hey Good Lookin''

This is the list of songs we sang today: 

1. Do Re Mi

2. Country Road Take Me Home

3. Hey Good Lookin'

4. Skye Boat

5. Hallelujah

6. Danny Boy

7. Daisy Bell

8. Goodnight Irene

9. Three Little Birds

10. Side By Side

11. La Bamba

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