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A Friday morning with friends

On Wednesdays and Fridays, we perform for the Cambridge Day Program. Each day has different attendees though, so it's nice that we get to see a different group of friends each time we connect with them. Today, we added a bonus song and asked them to request something on the spot. They asked if we could sing Hallelujah, and since it's one of our favorites too, we were happy to oblige!

The other songs we sang for them today were...

1. Morning Has Broken

2. Edelweiss

3. Danny Boy

4. Side By Side

5. Daisy Bell

6. You Are My Sunshine

7. Goodnight Irene

8. Stand By Me

9. Be My Baby

10. Yellow Submarine

11. It's A Small World

We heard that the group has a few song requests for us for upcoming shows. Stay tuned to see what they are!

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1 Comment

It is a joy to see young teenagers like to to take the time to create music during these pandemic times and make lock down seniors happy.

Keep up the good work and may God Bless You and your family

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