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A Bit of Wisdom

This morning we watched our sweet audience dancing along as we sang for them! What a great reminder to enjoy each moment of each day. We have seen what life can be like for those with cognitive and memory-related diseases, and it can be very sad to watch. We are always inspired though by how these sweet folks still find joy in so many things, including music! This week, my brother and I are getting our wisdom teeth pulled out. We might be 'losing' that wisdom, but spending so many mornings with our Day Program friends has certainly given us so much more!

Here is the full setlist from the show:

  1. Hallelujah

  2. I Walk The Line

  3. Poor Little Fool

  4. La Bamba

  5. Let It Be

  6. It's A Small World

  7. Skye Boat

  8. Daisy Bell

  9. Yellow Submarine

  10. Morning Has Broken

  11. You Got It

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