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Turn, Turn, Turn

"To everything (turn, turn, turn) there is a season". These are very true words for the world we're living in today. Thankfully, it's been our 'season' to sing our hearts out and bring smiles to faces, and we're happy to live in this season for a long while. We loved watching our sweet audience clapping their hands and tapping their feet to our music this morning. At the end of the show, one of the program staff members told us that our last song, 'La Bamba', had the audience dancing in their chairs! We saw it, and loved hearing it too. We look forward to another great year ahead filled with new songs, more smiles and more joy!

Here is the full setlist from today's show:

  1. Sweet Caroline

  2. Daisy Bell

  3. My Bonnie

  4. Skye Boat

  5. You Are My Sunshine

  6. High Hopes

  7. Turn, Turn, Turn

  8. Do A Deer

  9. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  10. Edelweiss

  11. La Bamba

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1 Comment

Happy New Year to you young musicians

Always happy to see you sing for old folks. Love


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