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So Many Songs To Explore

We spent another fun morning with our friends at the Day Program. We're glad to be back in the swing of things with regular weekly shows. This means that we also get to start exploring new songs to add to our setlists! We enjoy the process of looking up songs that might appeal to our audiences and figuring out which ones work with our style and our voices. Since there's three of us, we enjoy songs with some harmony in them! Stay tuned to see which new songs we learn for upcoming shows!

Here is the full setlist from today's show:

  1. Sweet Caroline

  2. Daisy Bell

  3. My Bonnie

  4. Skye Boat

  5. You Are My Sunshine

  6. High Hopes

  7. Turn, Turn, Turn

  8. Do A Deer

  9. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  10. Edelweiss

  11. La Bamba

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Wonderful to see you back. Thank you for your previous time and being with us.



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