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Saying hello to a new group of friends

We performed at a new facility today in Kitchener, Canada. The residents at Winston Park were so sweet, and we were excited to perform for them. Whenever we play at a new place, we start of with our first set list. It has a nice mix of songs, and this way we get to see which songs the audience responds to most. Based on this feedback, we decide what we'll sing in future shows for them. Here we are singing our show closer!

Today's set list included...

1. It's A Small World

2. You Are My Sunshine

3. Do Re Mi

4. Yellow Submarine

5. Mamma Mia

6. Sweet Caroline

7. Que Sera Sera

8. Rumba

9. Shenandoah

10. Over The Rainbow

11. La Bamba

We loved meeting our new audience today! Now off to prepare for the next show!

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