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Our First Tuesday!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

This was our first Tuesday performing for the Day Program locations! As a result of the new schedule, we get to see new faces each day, and we love meeting them all. Today's audience had a chance to enjoy lots of classic tunes. Here's a clip of us singing one of those famous tunes - You Are My Sunshine:

This is the set list from today’s show:

  1. It’s a Small World

  2. You Are My Sunshine

  3. Doe A Deer

  4. Yellow Submarine

  5. Mamma Mia

  6. Sweet Caroline

  7. Que Sera Sera

  8. Rumba

  9. Daisy Bell

  10. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  11. La Bamba

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1 Comment

Gul Moorjani
Gul Moorjani
Oct 08, 2021

Beautiful song 💝


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