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Our First Show at Poway Health Care

This Saturday morning, we had the amazing opportunity to do our first in-person show. We had so much fun with our new friends from the Poway Health Care Center. We loved interacting with our audience and enjoyed watching them sing along to a few of the songs. Here are a few video clips from our show:

We look forward to doing more in-person shows and lighting up more lives with music!

This was the set list we used for today’s show:

  1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  2. Skye Boat

  3. Tip Toe Through the Tulips

  4. Morning Has Broken

  5. I Only Want to be With You

  6. Rainbow Connection

  7. Stand By Me

  8. I Fall to Pieces

  9. You Are My Sunshine

  10. Daisy Bell

  11. Here Comes the Sun

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