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Learning the History Of The Songs We Sing

To start off our Wednesday, we performed for the Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo Day Programs. We played a couple of songs that we haven’t played in a while called, ‘Don’t Sit Under the Apple’ and an all-guitar song called ‘Morrison’s Jig.’ We enjoyed playing these songs for our friends at the Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo Day Programs because they seemed happy to be listening to our songs. We loved seeing them clap along and dance to the songs. ‘Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree’ by the Andrew Sisters gives an insight into war relationships, and how people should remain hopeful during times of crisis and uncertainty. This song exemplifies how distance and war affected relationships, despite its upbeat tone. This is the set list from today’s show:

  1. Skye Boat

  2. Morrison’s Jig

  3. Johnny B. Goode

  4. Morning Has Broken

  5. Blueberry Hill

  6. You Are My Sunshine

  7. Doe A Deer

  8. Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree

  9. A Bushel and a Peck

  10. Edelweiss

  11. By the Light of the Silvery Moon

Here's a clip of us singing By The Light Of The Silvery Moon:

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1 Comment

Gul Moorjani
Gul Moorjani
Oct 08, 2021

Good story of songs 💝



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