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To start off our September on the right foot, we performed for the Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo Day Programs this Wednesday morning. This week, we learned ‘Honeycomb’ by Jimmie Rodgers. We found this song a very fun one to learn and perform. It is a country song, which is a little different genre of music than we’re used to, but while learning this song, we learned some interesting facts about ‘The Father of Country Music', Jimmie Rodgers. James Charles Rodgers, better known as Jimmie Rodgers, was the first musician to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. He was also a professional yodeler. Unfortunately, Rodgers suffered from Tubercolisis at the ripe age of 27. This disease pushed him to insert himself into the entertainment industry where he created tuneful and catchy songs like ‘Honeycome.’ This is the set list from today’s show:

  1. Daisy Bell

  2. Hallelujah

  3. Stand By Me

  4. Everyday

  5. Edelweiss

  6. Side By Side

  7. Honeycomb

  8. Sweet Caroline

  9. By the Light of the Silvery Moon

  10. Be My Baby

  11. La Bamba

Here's a clp of us singing Honeycomb:

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Gul Moorjani
Gul Moorjani
Sep 09, 2021

Thank you for sharing information about Father of Country Music JIMMY RODGERS😘

Loved the song 😥

Grandpa 💘


Gul Moorjani
Gul Moorjani
Sep 09, 2021


Thank you for entertaining us old folks 💝

Love 💘 you


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