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Happy Halloween!

This morning's show was a 'spooky' one! Most of the staff, and some of the attendees were dressed up for Halloween, and we loved it all. To help celebrate, we added in a special song today. Our audience got to tap and clap along with us as we played the theme song for The Addams Family! We hope everyone has a wonderful and fun Halloween!

Here is the full setlist from today's show:

  1. It's A Small World

  2. Stand By Me

  3. Hallelujah

  4. You Are My Sunshine

  5. My Girl

  6. Mamma Mia

  7. The Addams Family

  8. Que Sera Sera

  9. My Favorite Things

  10. Doe A Deer

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1 Comment

Gul Moorjani
Gul Moorjani
Nov 01, 2021

Thank you for keeping us old folks enjoying listening to your music 💘🙏


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