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A Little Dancing

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Our second show of the day today was for Sunnyside in Kitchener. We performed for a few attendees and a staff member. During Mamma Mia, the staff member and one of the attendees got up from their seats and danced along to the song. It was the best feeling! They also danced along to a few other songs.

At the end of the show, we exchanged virtual flying kisses with one of the attendees. So cute! This is the full set list from today’s show:

1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

2. Skye Boat

3. Everyday

4. Hallelujah

5. Love Me Tender

6. My Bonnie

7. When You Wish Upon A Star

8. Sweet Caroline

9. Oh Susanna

10. Mamma Mia

11. La Bamba

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