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Across the miles

It's always amazing to us that technology can connect us across so many miles! Even many of the seniors we play for find it unbelievable that we can see them 'live'! It's very cute! Today we performed for five 'neighborhoods’ at University Gates. We loved seeing the different rooms with many residents. We loved seeing them clap along to our songs because it meant that they were enjoying the show. Here's a fun action shot of us during our show..

We sang some of our favorites for them today. Here is our setlist...

1. By The Light of the Silvery Moon

2. It's A Small World

3. You Are My Sunshine

4. The Lion Sleeps Tonight

5. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

6. Que Sera Sera

7. Stand By Me

8. Rumba

9. Everyday

10. Morning Has Broken

11. Edelweiss

Next week we start school, but we already have plans to find a suitable time so that we can continue to perform for our friends at University Gates!

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