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A Sunny Day on the Sunnyside Patio

Today we got to see our friends at Sunnyside. We normally see them inside their facility, but today, the audience was gathered on the sunny patio. It was nice to see everyone relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. Here is a photo of Sarah (one of the caretakers at Sunnyside), and one of the residents that was in the audience!

We had a new setlist for them today. We had a few new songs, and lots of familiar favorites too. The songs we sang for them today were...

1. Sweet Caroline

2. Shenandoah

3. Que Sera Sera

4. Rumba

5. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

6. Side By Side

7. La Bamba

8. Skye Boat

9. Danny Boy

10. Goodnight Irene

11. Daisy Bell

We always enjoy our time with our friends at Sunnyside. Today was a wonderful day for some sunshine and a show!

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