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A fun audience

Today we performed for our friends at Sunnyside. We played for Ms. Audrey and Ms. Ella. We saw Ms. Ella dancing and singing along to almost every song that we performed.

Here is the list of songs that we performed today:

  1. Do Re Mi

  2. Everyday

  3. You Are My Sunshine

  4. Stand By Me

  5. It’s A Small World

  6. Loch Lomond

  7. Hallelujah

  8. Be My Baby

  9. My Bonnie

  10. Edelweiss

  11. Mamma Mia

Ms. Ella sang along to Loch Lomond (a famous Scottish song) because she was born in Scotland, which we learned during the first time we played for her. After we finished singing My Bonnie, one of the caretakers said that Ms. Ella was singing a different version of the song, with different words. She sang her version and we loved it. We loved it so much that we are going to learn her version and sing it for her the next time that we perform for her.

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