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Thursday fun

We performed for Pacifica Palm Springs today! This was our first show of the week because yesterday was Veteran’s Day, and the Cambridge Day Program was closed. As always, it was good to see our friends at Pacifica.

Since the holiday season is almost here, at the end of the show, we asked the residents if they had any favorite holiday or Christmas songs. They mentioned a few songs that we are very excited to start learning over the next few weeks to get into the holiday spirit! Here is the set list from today’s show: 

1. Edelweiss

2. Stand By Me

3. Mamma Mia

4. Country Road Take Me Home

5. Do Re Mi

6. It's A Small World

7. Hey, Good Lookin'

8. Yellow Submarine

9. You Are My Sunshine

10. Danny Boy

11. Sweet Caroline

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