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Surfin' USA

We played a new song this morning for our friends at the Day Program. Surfin' USA is a fun, entertaining song by the Beach Boys. It was released in 1963, and is still so recognizable today. It's got a lot of references to surfing spots in California, including a few right here in San Diego where we live! We had the audience clapping along and dancing to the music the morning, and we'd say that's a great way to start off the week. Here's a clip of us singing Surfin' USA:

Here is the full setlist from today's show:

  1. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon

  2. It's A Small World

  3. You Are My Sunshine

  4. My Favorite Things

  5. Over The Rainbow

  6. Surfin' USA

  7. Stand By Me

  8. Everyday

  9. Morning Has Broken

  10. Edelweiss

  11. Be My Baby

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1 Comment

Gul Moorjani
Gul Moorjani
Mar 16, 2022

Surfing USA is a beautiful song and your three sang very well. Thank you for entertaining us old folks.😍

Love Grandpa

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