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Monday Morning Dance Party

Today's show was a lot of fun! We watched a little dance party taking place on the screen. So many of the Day Program attendees were up on their feet and dancing to most of our songs! It sure gave us a lot of energy and made us smile. We loved seeing that! It was a great way to start off our day and week!

Here is the full setlist from the show:

  1. Morrison's Jig

  2. Do Re Mi

  3. Let It Be

  4. Rainbow Connection

  5. You Got It

  6. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

  7. La Bamba

  8. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

  9. Happy Together

  10. Here Comes The Sun

  11. Skye Boat

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1 commentaire

Good 🎶 nicely presented and sung🌷

Love you guys for making us 😃.

Grandpa 💕

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