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Gilligan's Island

Today was our first show of the new school year. School started on Tuesday, and it's been a busy week. We were happy to start our Friday off with seeing our friends at the Day Program though! We always enjoy interacting with everyone there. They mentioned the weather was rainy and gloomy there today, and they were glad for the energy that our music brings. Today we sang a classic TV show theme song. It's from Gilligan's Island! We have never actually seen the show (it was on way before we were even born!), but our parents used to watch it and tell us it was a funny show, with a very recognizable theme song. We liked the catchy tune, and seems like our audience enjoyed it too! Here's a clip of us singing it this morning:

Here is the full setlist from the show:

  1. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

  2. Edelweiss

  3. La Bamba

  4. Oh What A Night

  5. Oh Susannah

  6. Be My Baby

  7. Always On My Mind

  8. Dream

  9. Gilligan's Island Theme Song

  10. Hey Good Lookin'

  11. Stand By Me

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