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A new audience, and so close to home!

Today was our first time performing for Sunrise Assisted Living Facility in Sabre Springs! This facility is fairly close to our home, and is the closest of all of the places we have performed in so far. It was nice to meet new people. They were a very sweet audience, and seemed to enjoy the show as they clapped after each and every song. Since we live so close to this facility, we hope that once the pandemic is over we can perform for them in person!

We sang some of our favorites for them today. Here is our setlist...

1. It's A Small World

2. You Are My Sunshine

3. Do Re Mi

4. Yellow Submarine

5. Mamma Mia

6. Sweet Caroline

7. Que Sera Sera

8. Rumba

9. Shenandoah

10. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

11. La Bamba

We loved meeting everyone, and look forward to seeing them all again very soon!

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